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The Clone Source panel in Photoshop

It is sometimes useful to adjust the individual components and tools in Adobe Photoshop. One of them will be discussed in today’s lesson.
Панель Clone Source в программе Adobe Photoshop

Panel Clone Source is designed to control sets of stamps, their parameters, such as rotation, width, height, etc.

To invoke this panel, go to program menu – to Window – Clone Source.

Now analyze the individual elements of this tool.

You see 5 identical icons with stamps, they mean that each of them can be installed separate stamp.

Next is Offset, where you can set the indent at to the coordinate axes.

Also there are options for width and height of object cloning angle.

It is possible to show by checking the box in paragraph Show Overlay, the imposition of source of copy, as well as opacity, blend modes, etc.

Here are some of the options:

Auto Hide
Blend modes:

If you click on the top right menu panel, you can see a list of the following settings:

Here are sources of copy, reset transformation, showing the overlap and some other options.

Source 1
Source 2
Source 3
Source 4
Source 5
Reset Transform
Show Overlay
Clip to Brush Tip
Auto Hide Overlay
Invert Overlay
Close Tab Group