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A modern solution that people have used lately to use two-factor authentication without passwords just to turn on and off – magic plugin and login.

Clef Two-Factor Authentication

The Clef, a mobile app that allows you to get two-factor authentication without passwords, it is very easy to use. Just sync your phone with the Clef Wave to enter. Let’s see how it can be done in the video.

Clef Two-Factor Authentication

Favorites feature
No password: secure login with Clef wave, with no extra codes – enjoy a new invention called two-factor authentication.
No additional device: use your smartphone instead of an external devices such as USB flash drive or security key.
Easy on and off: once synced with Clef Wave, then enjoy the login on a single click, or set a timer to record in automatic mode your work.
Security features
Strong protection: Clef replaces passwords with special option with dual authentication using the RSA cryptosystem and key.
The plugin saves the key in encrypted form on the phone, not in the database on the server. Thus, it is possible falling of the Clef servers, all data about the attempt to login will remain on your smartphone.
Each login requires two-factor authentication user: phone and fingerprint or PIN code. So even if you lost your phone or have it stolen, Clef account will remain safe.
Enhanced protection: extension disables passwords for all the possible options WordPress login: access the control panel, API, and reset the password.
So it is in active mode protects against attacks:
hackers, bots
weak and duplicate passwords
sending data over an insecure connection (non-ssl)
the attempts of password guessing and phishing
Other settings:
Configuration options
Flexible password settings
Support short tags
Language support
Useful documentation
Free advice