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Circular menu a circular menu Joomla

Circular menu

Circular menu is a special module to create your website beautiful circular menu in the CMS Joomla latest versions. This module is a great solution for those webmasters who want to attract customers and also make your blog, shop, portal more attractive.
Circular menu

Now, in order to make your project beautiful, no need to create separate menus on the sides or bottom, because there is such a great alternative design as a round menu module.
In the settings of this module it is possible to find many options, such as, for example, the choice of icons for the menu, headings for them, choosing colors for background and links, as well as where them to open in a new window or existing, etc.
You can call menu if you plan to create several more, as well as choose its location on the screen. You have the right to choose the number of menu items, icon size and more.
If you are already running a Jquery script, it is possible not to load.
Once configuring this module, you will be happy to observe his behavior in your project.
The ability to set the number of menu items.
The choice of background colors, links and much more.