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Many people who make purchases on the Internet, heard about the concept of cashback. But even after a few years, now, many still don’t use it. To understand what cashback actually allows you to save on purchases, you need to understand in detail with the question of cashback – what is it.

Что такое кэшбэк

This is a special kind of discounts

The literal translation of the English word cashback seems to be “refund”. In practice this occurs as follows: the buyer pays for the goods in the store, and after a while a portion of these funds will be refunded.

To understand what is cashback, you need to remember about discounts. Many shops do them to stimulate demand. Refunds will, in turn, is precisely this kind of discount, but only delayed.

Such promotional programs are used by many organizations. For example, most banks now began to replace bonus points it cashback-AMI. In accordance with such programs can be obtained, for example, 2-3% back from all purchases, and 10% to 30% for some specific (for example, in networks of catering, with whom the company concluded the partner contract).

But the highest popularity are discounts received on the Internet. Only in Russia there are several thousand sellers which return part of the money spent in their stores.

Return through special services

Online for a refund for the purchase to be registered for special services. To work with them, you might want to install the plugin in your browser or use the posted referral links.

Что такое кэшбэк

In most cases the scheme of work with such services is as follows:

  • receiving account;
  • the choice of the store;
  • the link to the seller’s website and making the purchase;
  • getting money.

Funds are returned immediately. Since the payment prior to receiving the money can go as a couple of hours and a few days – it depends on the characteristics of the service and the seller.

Conclusion it is possible to implement either immediately or after storage on the website the agreed amount (often – 500r.). This is determined by the service.

From the seller, in turn, depends on the size of the discount. Some stores give 2-3%, and deferred discount from the other reaches 25-30%.

Why are these promotions

The goal of any commercial is to sell more products. The easiest way to increase demand of the company, who works in Internet advertising. But you need to spend money, and it increases the price of goods sold.

But similar effect can be achieved, if not pay advertising agencies, and consumers. But then the question arises: why not make the cost of the product below. It’s simple: commercial companies use numerous ways to attract customers. And they need to make sure that the visitor did not come with the advertising of the post in social networks, search engines, or context, and through the channel, to maintain which does not need to spend a lot of money. Those are cashback services.