How to choose a wedding photographer

If you are going to choose a great specialist in photographing events such as weddings you need to keep in mind the variety of circumstances.
Как выбрать фотографа на свадьбу

First of all, you need to make sure that the prospective photographer has experience in this field. To do this, you can view all the pictures that he has, but there’s an easier way.
Go to the photographer’s website or his Facebook group, if any, and select only the category “wedding”, or its individual elements. Further all is simple – look at his portfolio and make a decision – whether a candidate is suitable for the intended activity.
In this case, should adhere to the following requirements: the photographer should have at least a few different images from one wedding, but at least three or four. This will tell you trust this person photographing weddings as such.
It is also very important to take into account the fact that some photographers work exclusively for the money, and they are not very interested in the subjects, i.e. the bride and groom. You can find out for reviews, or personal communication (usually such people do not discount or take a very large amount compared to the rest).
Go to the professional qualities of the photographer.
Because the photo is a piece of art, then we all may have different opinions about the quality of the images and view shooting.
For me, as a photographer, the essence of any shooting is to give any holiday into a celebration of the soul. No matter what technique you use is important to the client was happy! However there are several points when you choose a great photographer:
Find out what camera/mi is person – this will tell you more than what shots he makes in the end (possibly processing it is not).
The shooting conditions and the time – sometimes it’s better to discuss all the details immediately.
The final cost of the photographs, or previously agreed upon number of images (the fact that there is a limit on the footage).
Each person has their own characteristics when selecting the photo quality, e.g., brightness, chroma, hue, saturation, etc.
Give an example for finished images that have already been delivered to their clients are considered and processed.
In this image you can see how the color of the sky is purple instead of blue. The brightness of white dresses the bride merges with a long veil, which makes this element of the photos simply in a white spot. It is also worth noting that the overall color is too bright and my eyes get tired from long view – a vigorous sand-brown, and not like ordinary sand.
Many photographers use a device to convert the image to black and white, without notifying the end user. I think you should negotiate with him and this moment, because not everyone likes black and white pictures, when during the wedding, everything sparkles and sparkles.
Here I would like to see real paint colors at least… But it looks more like a funeral, I swear…
About payment you can only say one thing – to give a large downpayment doesn’t make sense, because a human characteristic is to relax after receiving the money… and you need a great result!
So, the conclusion:
Choosing a professional wedding photographer is very important, so approach this issue responsibly.
All services and additional points should be updated immediately to avoid any embarrassing situations.
Payment should be made on the spot, or after receiving the result, so it will be faster and better.