Ночной режим / Night mode

Want to create something horrible in Photoshop? Then try this tutorial tutorial by Jenny Le. In it you will learn how to create an abstract scene, which included a creepy flaming tree-woman. Also in this Photoshop tutorial you will learn various techniques and manipulations, such as creating lighting effects and applying textures.
The end result

Ужасающая абстракция

Resources lesson

Forest background
Fire background
Branches 1
Branches 2
Wood texture

Step number 1
Create a new document with size of 1000 to 1050 pixels and fill it with white color (you can try your own size and color – it does not matter). Open the image with texture. Use Move Tool to drag it in the document head Free Transform tool (Cmd/Ctrl+T) to reduce the size by 40%:

Step number 2
If you do not like some details on the texture, then create a new layer by pressing (Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+N) and activate tool Clone Tool (shortcut S) and delete them:

Step number 3
Place the workpiece with the forest on the texture and change the blending mode to Soft Light 100%:

Click on the 2nd button on the bottom of the layers panel to add a mask to the layer with the forest. Use soft black brush with opacity 30-70% to blur the parts. You can see the result below.

Step number 4
Duplicate this layer and flip it horizontally (Edit-Transform-Flip Horizontal). Move it to the right and use a layer mask to remove hard edges:

Step number 5
To edit all forest layers, they need to select, and then press the key combination cmd/Ctrl+G to create group. Change the mode of this group from Pass Through (group mode default) Soft Light 100% (very important to adhere to the same effect in front of the group). Rename the layers.

On the second layer, go to Layer-New Adjustment Layer-Curves:

On the curves layer, use soft black brush with opacity to remove or “blurry” in some parts of the picture:

Since this group we changed to Soft Light 100% (no Pass Through) so layer with curves is valid only on the layers inside this group (forest).

Step 6
To change the brightness of the background (texture, forest), you can move the layer with the curved top:

Use a black color brush to clean the selected portion, as shown in the figure below:

Create another layer with curves to continue shading in the background. Try to achieve something similar:

Step 7
Select the model and place it up in the center (you can not take the feet, as they are not needed):

Step number 8
Add layer mask to the model. Use the brush to remove white parts of hair remaining after the allocation:

Step 9
To make the model’s shadow on the background, create a new layer under the layer with the model. Hold Cmd/Ctrl while clicking on the thumbnail of the layer with the model to load its selection:

Go to the boot menu colors: Edit-Fill (Shift+F5) and take a black color, drag to the right, convert to Smart Object:

Reduce the opacity to 50%. Select Filter-Blur-Gaussian Blur and set radius to 6 px:

Use layer mask to blur the two sides of this shadow:

Step 10
To change the color and brightness of the models used some adjustment layers with clipping mask. The layer with the model, go to item Layer-New Adjustment Layer-Hue/Saturation:

Curves and Photo filter (Curves, Photo Filter):

On the layer mask erase the upper curves in the left corner of the shoulder model to make it brighter:

Step 11
Open the photo of the skull. We for example chose a room 0053 to cut and paste it onto the model’s face after reducing the size and rotation:

Use the mask layer for bonding the skull with the face:

Step 12
Add a couple adjustment layers (Clipping Mask) to the skull to reduce the saturation and darkening:

Now apply the brush on the mask in the middle of the skull to make it brighter than the rest of the elements:

Step 13
Open the texture with the tree and use the tool Rectangular Marquee Tool to select image:

Drag it on the left side of the model. After the size reduction use Warp Tool – (Edit-Transform-Warp) to get the following:

Step 14
Open brush menu, choose reset. Now click on the change brush in paragraph Spatter 24 pixel:


2 part – 2 часть