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The creation of a terrifying abstraction, using photos and textures #3

ужасающая абстракция

Select the crow and drop it on the nest:

Создание ужасающей абстракции

Step 31
Apply a few adjustment layers to the crow:

Step number 32
Now we need to create the lighting effect for the scene. Create a new layer at the top. Use soft brush with color #ff6600 to paint the bottom right side and change the mode to Soft Light (Soft light) 100%:

On the next layer we changed the brush color to #ef4c54. Brush over both sides and set the blending mode to Soft Light (Soft light) 100%:

Step number 33
Now, create 3 layers at the top. On the first use color #ff6600 to paint over the tree and lower part of the dress of the model and its owner. Change the mode to Color (Color) 100%:

On the second and third layer, use color #ef4c54 to paint a tree, dress patterns, arm and lower right part of the picture. We changed the mode of the second layer to Color (Color) 30%, 3rd – Soft Light (Soft light) 90%:

Step number 34
Place the background with a fire in the lower part of the scene:

Use the brush Spatter (Dispersion) is 24 pixels with the same settings we used in step 14 to remove the edges. The goal will be to achieve a rich, glowing look but not too obvious. You can see the result on the mask and the image itself:

Step number 35
Open the photo of the fire. Take different parts of the fire and place it on a position near the root of the tree. Duplicate them and edit the fire to the desired size:

Change the mode of these fire layers to Screen (Overlap) 100% and use layer mask to remove or blur details in the fire:

Step number 36
To remove hard edges in the fire, double-click on the layer with the fire, select Blending Options (overlay Settings). Hold Alt/Option and drag the black slider to the right until black edge. Then select all the other layers with fire, right click mouse and select Copy Layer Styles (Copy the layer styles). Here is the result of the action:

Step number 37
Group all the layers with fire and change the blending mode to Screen (Overlap) 100%. Use the color balance (Color Balance) and curves (Curves) to achieve a more striking effect of fire and less obvious:

On the layer mask with curves, delete the right part with fire:

Step number 38
Final: use 2 adjustment layers on the top to give the image contrast and color:

On the levels layer mask use soft black brush with small opacity (20-25%) to the black blur effect on the right side:

The end result



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