Photoshop lessons

The creation of a terrifying abstraction, using photos and textures #2

ужасающая абстракция

Press F5 to change settings of this brush:
ужасающая абстракция

Add a layer mask to the layer with the tree. Use the scatter brush to remove unwanted parts of the tree and mix them with the hand model. You can edit the brush size to obtain a natural result:

Step 15
Now add wooden texture to the other arm in a similar way:

Step 16
Hands look a bit empty after adding texture. To fix this, grouped layers with wood texture and change the blend mode to Normal 100% . Add a curves layer to this group:

On the curves layer with the mask brush is used to remove certain parts of photos and create contrast hands:

Step 17
Should add more contrast, so we create a new layer above the group with a wooden layer, fill it with 50% gray and change the mode to Overlay (Overlap):

Use the tools Dodge and Burn (Lighten and darken), key (O) with midtones, exposure 20-25% to increase the brightness of the upper left and right shoulder and darkening the edges. You can see how to apply the tool with normal blend mode and the result in overlay mode Overlay (Overlap):

Step 18
Open the photo with the veins. We chose room 1 to put it on the upper left shoulder and some portions of numbers 11 for implementation on both hands. Use layer mask to remove parts out of these areas and to close details for more realism:

Step 19
Select branches (branches 1) from the background. We took different parts from them and placed into position near the head of the model, duplicated, used for the transformation and used a layer mask to achieve the following results:

It was taken 10 layers for this effect.

Step number 20
Create a new layer under the branches. Use a soft black brush with low opacity (about 20%) to paint shadow of the branches on the body of the model:

Step 21

Make group for these layers with branches, set the blend mode to Normal 100% and name it “branches 1”. Also change their names from 1 to 10. Create 2 layers with curves and photo filter to change the contrast and color of these branches:

On the first layer mask of curves to erase the left side to make it brighter right. On the second curves layer erase the right side to make it darker:

Step number 22

Drag a grid on the image, reduce and deform it so it will fit to the head model:

Step number 23

Use curves and photo filter clipping mask (Clipping Mask) to create contrast and change the color of the mesh:

On the layer mask in the curves, remove the right side to dim it:

Step 24
Open photos “branches 2” and separate it from the background. We have posted several pieces on both sides of the picture:

Step 25

To add depth to our image, apply the filter Gaussian Blur (the Gaussian Blur) of 4 px for branches:

Step number 26

Create a group for the branches (let’s call it “branches 2”). Now add curves and hue/saturation to the group:

Use the brush on the left side to make it brighter right:

Step number 27
Create some adjustment layers on top to change the color of the overall picture. For example, Hue/Saturation (hue/Saturation), Gradient Map (gradient Map), Color Balance (Color balance) and Photo Filter (Photo filter):

Change the mode of this gradient map to soft color (Soft Light) 100%. On the mask layer Hue/Saturation (hue/Saturation) use the brush and remove the left part of the model to make it brighter than the rest:

Step number 28
Open the photo of the tree. Copy the part of the tree and place it on the image:

Use a layer mask to put the wood under the dress of the model:

Step number 29
Create a new layer with clipping mask, take the clone tool and fix the parts of the tree:

Now change the color of the wood.

1 part – 1 часть

3 part – 3 часть