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Floating in the air children – photo session with the use of Photoshop

In past lessons we talked about how to create a photo shoot with kids flying and how to do photography with a flying baby. We continue to talk about the now popular movement, and to promote this type of shooting.
Парящие в воздухе дети

In most cases, the approach used by the photographers, the parents, as they want to see your child from a new perspective, and create something amazing.
So did one very famous photographer, Alan Lawrence, who, incidentally, five of their children, and of which he photographed in turn.
Kids really know how to fly, and ways of expressing their abilities are used at an early age at 100%.
Of course, without popular editor pictures does not do more than one a good professional photographer, and it’s not even that he can’t shoot the episode, and more accurately and clearly show the idea.
Alan in my profession is a web designer, so he often has to carry the camera. He uses her, as you can see from pictures, just wonderful.
Considering the idea of creating his photo shoot, he goes to her, adding to the exposure of several elements.
Each of us can create something similar…
Just take your camera and start your own, unique photo shoot.
Парящие в воздухе дети

Парящие в воздухе дети