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Is it possible to photograph the child with flash

Even today, in the digital age, there are many different interpretations and beliefs at the expense of photographing children with a camera flash. We will try to understand do harm if bright light which is obtained at the moment of pressing the flash button, and also to understand how this can be avoided in certain cases and whether this should be done at all.
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Rites and beliefs
Long been the custom that a sleeping child can not be photographed. This is primarily due to the fact that the child during sleep is the most vulnerable, as well as the guardian angel of the child might disappear, frightened by a camera flash. Also, many people still believe that the images you can see not only the physical body but also a biofield of the person, his aura and spiritual value. Therefore, it is not recommended to show pictures of newborn babies, as the pictures could fall into the wrong hands. All these traditions and beliefs somehow affect the psychology of people, so it is possible to decide to photograph children or not yourself.
Flash photography
If we take into account the opinion of ophthalmologists and other specialists and doctors, it is definite evidence about the dangers of flash on the eyes of a child has yet been provided. At the moment there is in reality no 1st research, from a scientific point of view, which would be denied or argued that the use of a flash can cause any negative effects to human health or problems with the body.
Now ask the question: is it possible to photograph the child with the flash? Answer: Yes, you can, without any age restrictions!
However, you should carefully consider such advice, because no 1 person, including the child, receives absolutely no pleasure from the effect of the flash.
Common sense should be present in every case, therefore, is not recommended to run over a child along with flash and photograph it every minute from taking pictures of children will not be good at all.
Here are a few obvious and probable facts not subject to doubt:
The darker the room or any other room, the nastier the flash to the human eye – the advice is need more lights!
Than the flash closer to you, the effect is more visible – tip: move away from the subject away.
The more often the flash is used, the more it affects your psyche – tip: use the accessory.
If the direction of gaze and the flash are the same, then it is doubly frustrating – tip: use indirect lighting when possible.

Эффект вспышки

The results of our today’s story: flash is absolutely not harmful if used properly and in moderation, as well as in any other activity related to the person. To get beautiful pictures, you can find a professional photographer, and you needed to adjust the light and use the right external or built-in flash.