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How to make photo clear in Photoshop

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Each of us wants to see high-quality and bright pictures, but, unfortunately, sometimes necessary to correct defects and artifacts on them, as they may be old, damaged, or sent to you from the distant settlement where the camera heard only recently. In any case, you need to make the image clear. We will talk about it.
Четкое фото

Take any photo, where you will find the blurriness of the background, and a fuzzy subject. Next, create a duplicate layer Ctrl + J (in order not to spoil the source).
Now find the menu item Filter – Blur – Surface Blur, and set the acceptable value for the blur our background. Approximate figures for my photo listed below.
Explain why we do this so that the main object of our processing look more crisp against the blurry background. In addition, this action we will hide all the flaws of those artifacts which appear when saving JPG files.
Next we need to make a clear picture, and more specifically, the object in the image. So, open the programs menu and find the item Filter – Sharpen – Sharpen Edges. Thus, we reinforce the edges and make the photo clearer.
If you are not satisfied with the size of the lines, which were sharp, you can use other options for this filter. For Example, Smart Sharpen.
You can try using this technique on several images to better understand the processing circuit, and understand for themselves how it should look clear picture.

Как сделать фото четким в Фотошоп

Как сделать фото четким в Фотошоп

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