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Chess free – game of the ages on your Android!

Chess – this game is super popular since ancient times. Now it has moved into the digital space and we can choose the opponent directly: digital or common man. In addition, we can change the level of skills and the skills of your character, for this you just need to adjust it when entering the game.
Today we will consider several applications for the Android system, here they are:
Chess Free;
Magnus Trainer;
RealChess – excellent chess game with which you can improve the skills of the sport. It allows you to gradually increase the complexity, which is important for beginner chess players. The game also supports the options for interaction with opponents online with the usual user and a computer.
Chess Free
Chess Free is the variety of different options to choose from, among which are:
Show legal and last moves
Allow PC surrender/draw
Show coordinates
Always show the timers, etc.
Also, the game has a huge number of moves, interesting features and much more that will appeal to new players.
Magnus Trainer
Magnus Trainer – an amazing adventure with famous chess player, which will help you understand and master this difficult game. With it, you will find many new things and learn what is the difference between certain moves and how to finish the game.
Chezz – the most beautiful of the above games of chess. Effects and animations are provided, as well as interesting lines and shapes. In addition, you available difficulty settings, some menus and options in the past.