Mar 26, 2012
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Chenonceau castle in France

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Estate, where stands today the castle of Chenonceau, 1243 belonged to the family of the year de mark, natives of Auvergne. Their property was located here, an ancient fortress, surrounded by moats and connected to the shore of the cher river drawbridge. Near the castle stood a windmill.
Estate plan: 1 — 2 — Greenhouse, Craft built, 3—, 4 — Tower mark, 5 — the Former living quarters, 6 Gallery.
During the reign of Charles VI, Jean de mark placed a strong English garrison, which prompted the king to order to demolish all fortifications and to secure lands for their rightful owners. Financial difficulties forced the family to sell his inheritance to Thomas Boyer, quartermaster of the financial Affairs in Normandy. In 1512 he bought the fortress. In love with the Renaissance style, Boyer decided to destroy the old castle, with the exception of, to build a new facility.
On the ruins of a mill was erected rectangular design with projecting corner towers, surrounded on the four sides of the vestibule with pointed arches. On the lower floor there were four rooms connected with four other rooms on the second floor with a wide straight staircase. In the beginning of XVI century began the gradual abandonment of the spiral staircases that began to replace the stairs with straight flights. The huge costs for construction work explain the motto, which the family Boye was ordered to engrave with their initials T. V. K.: “Who here ever come, may remember me.”

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