Photoshop lessons

The Character and Paragraph panels in Photoshop

Parse panel Character and Paragraph in Adobe Photoshop. First you need to learn how to call the Character in the program, go to menu to Window-Character for characters and Window-Paragraph for paragraphs and paragraphs.
Панели Character и Paragraph в ФотошопПанели Character и Paragraph в Фотошоп

Now go to the settings panel, and will be dealt with thoroughly at each item:
Panel Character see several Windows, each of which is responsible for certain settings.

In Set the font family we choose a suitable font.
In Set the font style we choose a suitable style headset.
In Set the font size we choose suitable size of the headset.

In Set the leading we choose a suitable spacing between lines.
In Set the kerning between two characters we set the kerning between two characters.
In Set the tracking for the selected characters we choose the spacing between selected characters.
In Vertically scale we increase the size of the characters is vertical.
In Horizontally scale we increase the size of the symbols horizontally.
In Set the baseline shift we choose the deviation from the baseline.
In Set the text color, we choose the color of the text.

In this item you can choose different styles of characters, in order:
Faux Bold, Faux Italic, All Caps, Small Caps, Superscript, Subscript, Underline, Strikethrough.

The purpose of the language the text is in the tab Set the language on the selected characters for hyphenation and spelling.
The following item is for anti-aliasing method of the text:
None, Sharp, Crisp, Strong, Smooth.
Now clearing the bar Paragraph.
This panel presents the text alignment options:

Left align text, Center text, Right align text, Justify last left, Justify last centered, Justify last right, Justify all.
Indents and spaces are filled in the Windows, which are located just below:
Indent left margin, Indent right margin, first line Indent, Add space before paragraph, Add space after paragraph. Next come the intervals and shifts. These items can be accessed by clicking in the upper right corner of the screen panels.

Word Spacing, Letter Spacing, Glyph Scaling, Auto Leading.
Words Longer Than, After First, Before Last, Hyphen Limit, Hyphenation Zone, Hyphenate Capitalized Words.