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Replacing colors in Photoshop

Today we talk about how very quickly, literally using 2-3 steps change the color to own in Adobe Photoshop and will use the previous lessons from this series. So, in one of the previous lessons on the replacement colors we used human eyes, now we will clearly show you how to take absolutely any item and change it color – at the moment this object will be paving slabs.
Of course, you can take any other object the main thing that he was not in black and white. First, duplicate the original layer of the picture, after downloading it into Photoshop press CTRL + J.
Замена цвета в Фотошоп

Then fix the run, if necessary – to do this, go to the menu or toolbar Edit-Transform-Perspective, or press the CTRL + T and choose right-click Perspective.
Now create an adjustment layer with a fill color (this option is at the bottom of the layers panel) to change it on your own.
After this you need to create a clipping mask to the top layer with a fill color applied only to the specified lower layer of tiles. It is very simple – just right mouse on the top layer and select Create Clipping Mask. For more information on how to use it in practice, you can read in this lesson.
The next stage of treatment would be the use of a selected color and setting the blending mode to Color.
All changes are made on adjustment layers – thus we will apply it to the lower picture.
With skill you can change colors of any items. The sequence of actions it is also possible to see in the video.