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Video tutorials Photoshop. Collage. How To Make A Motivator?

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In this lesson you will learn how to download fonts in photoshop and make your own motivator.
Lesson “How to make a meme?” is a common theme of lessons “Collage”. Thanks to the lessons in this part you will be able to create a collage of photos of any difficulty. Enjoyable learning!
This lesson shows
00:17 How to download the font
01:20 How to install fonts in photoshop
02:05 How to create a circle
02:40 Types of text in photoshop
03:50 create a block with text
04:08 text Options
05:49 How to enable text wrapping in photoshop
06:12 object Alignment
07:43 removing the white background around the object using a blending mode
08:20 Preservation
The lesson uses the keyboard shortcuts
Ctrl and + to zoom in
Ctrl and – to zoom out
Ctrl and 0 scales the image to the size of the workspace
Space + LMB / left mouse button / Move the image to the workspace
Ctrl + C Copy
Ctrl + V To Paste