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Marketers will use any legal means to force the Internet users to make a purchase from a particular seller. There are bad for consumers trick, but there are useful. The second type includes, for example, cashback.
Использование кэшбэк

What is cashback

The word “Cashback” consists of two English: the noun “cash” is “money” and the adverb “back” “back”. So literally it can be translated as “refund”.

In practice, the use of cashback looks like this:

  • people are signing up on a specific website;
  • choose the online shop that is connected to this service;
  • commits to the purchase;
  • some time later, receives back a few percent of the amount of money spent.

These funds usually are transferred to the internal account cashback site. From there they can withdraw to a Bank card or perhaps purse of any payment system.

At different sites the amount for withdrawal is different. For example, LetyShops it is equal to 500 rubles. Your cashback will be closer to the intended figure, and even those who rarely make purchases on the Internet, will be able to withdraw money after a couple of months.

Services that are provided considered the service very much. The most popular is the already mentioned LetyShops. Connected more than thousands of online stores and the size of the cache, and buck is able to reach 30%.

Such techniques are used not only online stores, but also banks. In particular, many credit cards have cash back, which you can get when you shop in the online and offline space.

Использование кэшбэк

What is the motive of shopping, return to the buyer part of the spent money

In the current economic circumstances, to efficiently sell the product, you need to advertise. Promotion, in turn, have to spend a lot of money.

However, it is cheaper to pay advertising agencies, and by the buyers. It is beneficial to all. The buyer can save by using cashback on purchases, and the seller gets a great benefit, as it spends less money to attract customers.

As possible to save

What volume will return the money after the purchase, depending on the particular store. For example, LetyShops the famous platform AliExpress. The size of the cashback received through this service purchase on the website is 5%. This means that, buying the phone for 20 thousand roubles, you can count on a return of exactly 1 thousand.
Moreover, LetyShops gives new users increased by 30% cashback. This offer is available within 1 week after registration.
Also from this service, you can get money even without making the purchase personally. Sharing, for example through a social network site with friends, you will have 15% of each cashback. And this, of course, will not affect the amount of returns those who have used the referral link.