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How to return the money cashback for everything with credit cards

Как использовать кэшбек

Bank cards with cash back rewards on all

Cashback on all – it is the percentage return from buying not only electronics and expensive household goods, but also for all small purchases in the local stores of the country in both offline and online. You will be able to collect the returned money on the balance of your credit card details and use them immediately after charging. Unlike web services you dont need to wait for 14-60 days to get your money.

кэшбэк на все

How much money is returned to the buyer

A percentage of the purchase depends on the Bank, category of the product and its value. The more expensive the cost purchase, the greater the amount will be refunded to the card. Size cashback can be fixed or variable depending on the conditions of the banking organization that issued the card.

Example: you bought a mobile phone for 60 thousand rubles, using a Bank card with cashback. The Bank returns 1% for every purchase, so you will get 600 rubles back. If the phone was purchased at a partner store, the Bank has established the rate of 3%, so the account will return 2400 rubles.

The best Bank cards with cash back rewards

Conditions cashback every Bank is different, so before you make a choice in favor of one or another financial institution, compare the features of the program a refund and select the best offer.

Card “Tinkoff Black”

Debit card Tinkoff black, except for annual interest rates allows you to get from 1% to 30% cashback. The standard rate for any purchase is one percent, special categories of goods determined by the Bank – five percent. 30% of the cost of the goods is charged for purchases in the Internet Bank.

CashBack from Alfa-Bank

The size of the cashback up to 5% on certain categories of goods. When paying at gas stations, in cafes and restaurants the percentage of return varies from 5% to 10%. Card CashBack can be ordered by the user of any package from the Bank.

«Уютный космос» from Rosebank

Deductions for the purchase – from 1% to 10%. Funds are returned to the map in the form of “rokettube”, which is the Russian ruble. Use the returned amount the accumulation of three or more thousand rokettube on account of the cashback.

Platinum from Lokobank

The size of the deductions from each purchase is 0.5%. The money accumulated to the main account to use the cashback can be used immediately after purchase the product.


Map “Avtomobili” provides Aymanibank. With this cashback you will receive up to 10% of purchases made in restaurants, cafes, and gas stations.

How to use cashback

Users interested in question “cashback what is this”, often do not know how to use this service. Unlike online counterparts, Bank card with cashback is easier to use. You enough to pay all your shopping online or in conventional stores to the map that is connected to the program of returning of money.

The specific terms of the services depend on the kind of banking organization you’ve chosen. To get the maximum profit from the cash back rewards, use a few cards. For example, one for purchases at gas stations and restaurants, another for daily shopping.