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Cashback is that? The meaning of the term and the answers to the questions!

Кэшбэк, это что

What is cashback

Cashback is the return of a small part of the price of the goods. Use cashback service will allow the buyer to obtain a “discount” from one to five percent of the purchases in stores that are supported by the platform. Use the return not only in local stores but also in foreign, including Chinese.

Кэшбэк, это что

How does the cashback

People who have never used such a function, often wonder about what is cashback and how it works. Many people do not understand how web sites that have nothing to do with Internet shopping, you can carry out partial return of the spent on the purchase money. Is the procedure as follows:

:Cashback service: collaborates with shops on the principle of the affiliate program. The web stores pay from 1% to 30% for customers that the lead partners. The percentage of remuneration depends on the price category of goods, subject and other, less important factors. The service secures you as a client, so with your purchase, he gets a certain amount. Part of this sum he shares with you.

A number of online stores where you can get compensation is limited. Not all sites have an affiliate program and not all of it can be connected to the cashback. See the list of support resources on the service website.

How to use the service

To avail the cashback, you need to register on the website and go to the store directly via your browser and via cashback. The cost of goods in the store will remain the same, and the buyer will receive the money to your account in the service. Your transition into the online market will be fixed, so the purchase can be done later.

Popular sites providing services with partial refund, it is recommended to install the extension in the browser. Activate complement in Safari, Chrome, Opera or any other program, you don’t have to go to the website of the service, to go into a shop.

Кэшбэк, это что

The process of obtaining money

The process of crediting funds does not occur immediately. Cashback comes within 14-60 days. The money is not returned instantly, because according to the rules of the affiliate program, the service receives a reward after a preset “hold.” So the store to protect itself from loss if the buyer wish to return the item back. When the cashback will be credited, the user will receive a notification.

Send money to e-wallet (Webmoney, Qiwi, Yandex.Money) or Bank card. Initially, the funds accumulated on the user’s balance in the cashback service, where they can be withdrawn after reaching the minimum threshold for payment. On different platforms the size of the minimal salary ranges from 100 to 1 thousand rubles.

If you ask the question “what is cashback”, try the service and see how it works by example. For the use of the website does not have to pay, so you have nothing to lose.