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It is scientifically proven that us is not so easy to push on a spontaneous purchase, especially online. For purchases in the network developed a procedure for finding the best prices on aggregators, promotion code for a discount on a desired product, after which you can with a clear conscience to make payment. But there’s something else.
Кэшбэк - это

If you don’t know what is cashback, it’s time to catch up. Cash back is that part of the money which will be returned to you with every purchase online and not only. A certain percentage of the appreciation from the owners of the shop for purchasing things from them. At the moment, we may receive payments of cashback that such ways:

  • Credit card. Paying for goods at your favorite shops, you can get a small percentage of their value back on the map. In this case, the percentage is really small, and not many companies agree to cooperate with banking institutions. Therefore, to consider in detail such a method is irrational.
  • Cashback-services. Very popular tools for budget shopping. It’s not just platforms that have thousands of popular shops, but a whole ecosystem with its own multimillion-dollar community. On the example of services we consider the phenomenon of cashback.

But before we proceed to a detailed examination of the topic, let’s just explain what is the benefit of companies to pay their customers and where lies the catch? Everything is easier than it seems. When you buy the product at its ultimate value – it already includes all the company’s expenses on advertising, service Internet sites, and other costs. So working with these services online stores can directly communicate with potential customers, because the main reason for getting cashback is buying.

Кэшбэк - это

How to start getting a percentage of purchases and what are the benefits of the services?

Three simple steps and you begin to save:

  • Determine the best cash back service and download from his website extension for your browser.
  • Choose shop according to their preferences and make purchase it.
  • After confirmation of purchase in store you will receive a refund to your account on the service.

A reasonable question arises: “How can I get percent return?” The top platforms can provide new users a return of about 30% of the funds, but you can get more if you participate in our affiliate program and invite friends. Performing regularly purchase, you correspondingly increase the percentage of cashback. But the main advantage over a Bank is analogous to the convenient withdrawal of savings on all popular payment systems, Bank cards and mobile phone accounts.

This should be the future of online shopping with the maximum benefit for us buyers.