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Carousel Banner – horizontal banners in Joomla

Carousel Banner

Carousel Banner is special module that extends the basic capabilities of the banners available in the standard set of Joomla. Using this extension you can set the “carousel” menu of standard banners. The pros of this component is obvious!
Carousel Banner

Carousel Banner allows you to put a menu of your banners, and it looks pretty nice. You can customize the display of these elements, as well as several additional options.
First, you can determine the animation speed, number of banners in a certain view where the link will open, etc.
In addition, you specifically do not limit the total number of banners displayed in the module, so you will be able to put the extension anywhere on your site, as well as set automatic scrolling of the list.
The ability to display multiple banners inside the “carousel” menu.
Additional module settings such as animation speed, number of banners to display.
Simple integration into the available settings and parameters.