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Canva – canva is not, and useful online editor (a La Photoshop)


If for some reason you don’t like one of the presented on our website graphic editors Photoshop, now is the time to get acquainted with another version of the popular program and online service which covers almost everything. It is called just – Canva!

After examining just a few of the techniques in this online editor, you can quickly draw pictures and make models ready for further work with friends, colleagues, etc. to Begin working with Canva is as simple as to link to – just register using a social profile Google or Facebook (Vkontakte no, Durov apparently did not care about it). After the automatic verification, you will be redirected to the home page of the website, where you can select an existing layout or create it from scratch.

I liked the principle of choice – i.e. you don’t need to identify the need select the template, and just click on it: if you need a book – click on the layout template we need books, but if you create a record in the social.networks, then click on this template.
It should also be noted to find items for the layers of your future layout. It is very convenient, especially in cases when you want to quickly find the necessary file. But! You need to note that not all photos are free…

A handy feature of the layout of the mesh can save a lot of time, as originally established for this purpose. You just take a ready-made design and edit it in online editor (turned a tautology…). The only strange point here for me was “Change size” to change the width and height of the grid need to purchase a premium account.

Undoubtedly, this decision will force many to remove Photoshop or other similar program on the computer, as the speed of cloud computing is not comparable with the software on your hard drive, and will need only the Internet. However, I tend to choose optimal programs and versatility – what can online editors is not always possible for a computer program, and Vice versa. Photoshop, in my opinion, is the leader among graphic editors, and it is simply no replacement neither offline nor online.
How to use Canva

The results
Overall good service, but people need to make. if you compare with the very Photoshop, of course, still to grow and grow…