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Canonical URLs – canonical tag for Joomla

Canonical Url

Canonical URLs is one of the best solutions to remove the duplicate pages from the site, but rather a hint to search engines that specify for a particular page. The plugin allows you to deal with unwanted URLS or strings by adding the meta tag, or need the main project page. Then Google will retain when you search for only the URL that you pointed out to him in indexing and your site will be regarded as spam by many similar of duplicate pages.
Canonical Url

If you are not aware of what the canonical page, you can read about them here. If to tell briefly, this is a special tag for your articles, which will tell the search engine what a page is considered a major in a particular case. For example, in Joomla, the system automatically generates a breakdown of the pages, while clicking on the second, third and other pages of the category you have duplicated the content and its meta tags, if you do not specify a master page. Especially for this was created this tag rel=”canonical”.
As for the most component, it helps to set the correct page a canonical tag inside it.
In addition, the set includes language support, as in this case increases the number of duplicates.
You can choose to automatically select a master page and to install it.
All items presented in a list, so it is convenient to sort, edit and Supplement.
The ability to install canonical pages directly from the component.
Intelligent selection of pages setting in manual and automatic mode.
Simple integration into the available settings and parameters.