Photoshop lessons

Camera Raw in Photoshop. The beginning.

Camera Raw is a special plugin for Adobe Photoshop that allows you to greatly improve your photos taken in RAW format. At the moment, practically every DSLR can shoot in this format, which differs significantly from the JPG and surpasses it in terms of material processing.

In short we can say that the JPG format is a compressed as issued material, and the RAW format is a collection of information that is supplied to the matrix in the process of shooting. Thus, you can process your photos after the shooting.
To process the RAW file in Camera Raw mode, you just need to open it in Adobe Photoshop.
Dialog box automatically opens with the settings. Among them we can mention a lot of important functions.
Let’s start with the top panel. Here are the main tools, basically move around the screen.
1. Zoom Tool – a tool that allows you to increase the specified portion of the image by mouse click. When you press Alt – to zoom out. (the Z key)
2. Hand Tool – the hand with which you can move photos. (H key)
3. White Balance Tool – designed to highlight the image in white, because the may contain different values for this element on the screen. (I)
4. Color Sampler Tool – select up to 9 available color options of the selected area on the image. key (S)
5. Targeted Adjustment Tool – you can selectively edit different parts of the photo. (the T key)
6. Spot Removal – a fast and efficient removal of unwanted objects. (key B)
7. Red Eye Removal – ability to remove red-eye directly from the edit window. (key E)
8. Adjustment Brush – allows you to edit the brush settings such as shadows, exposure, etc., (key K)
9. Graduated Filter – a filter that imposes a gradient in the image with certain settings. (key G)
10. Radial Filter the filter, in the form of a circle, which applies to image specific parameters. (key J)
A little to the right on this upper panel, you can find 2 points is Preview (P key) and Toggle full screen mode (key F)
Accordingly, it is possible to switch modes – full-screen or in the current window.