Ночной режим / Night mode

How to create a calendar in Photoshop with your own hands will be discussed in this article.


First let’s create a document of format A5. To do this, go to menu File-New (Ctrl+N) and set the parameters to the following values, as indicated in the figure.
Turn 90 degrees – Image-Image Rotation-900CW.
Then you must put in the document 2 images – one that will be the external part of the calendar, and the other background.
For the outer shell of the calendar will fit any image, provided it’s not bright, as the text will blend in with the photo.
I chose the next image.
Next, open the background image and insert it under the previously created layer.
Now we need to create a calendar grid. How this is done can be read in the lesson.
So, all the major components to our calendar ready. Proceed with the processing of materials.
Go to the layers panel by selecting the layer with the outer shell, in paragraph Blending Options. There set in the graph Pattern Оverlay the scale of the pattern and other parameters. These settings are needed if you have no suitable picture for the outer shell of the calendar.
We have created the main part of calendar, you have to attach the calendar grid. You can use the action or create it yourself.
This is what’s going to happen in the end:

Создание календаря в Фотошоп