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Create new year calendar for 2017 in Photoshop

Календарь 2017

Today we will create a Christmas calendar for 2017 in Photoshop and do it quickly (compared to how it happens in reality), since we will use a special action to edit a calendar grid. In addition, we will use the previous lesson, which talked about creating a Christmas calendar for 2016. The result will be:
календарь на 2017 год в Фотошоп

The visual appearance of the calendar grid
So, first we will need to visually draw a calendar grid. To do this, make screenshots of calendar for 2017 and put them together for clarity (see it happening in the lesson on creating a calendar for 2016).
In short, go to menu File-Automate-Contact sheet 2 (the File-Automation-Checklist) the program Photoshop, then select saved images with screenshots of the calendar grid Windows. If you don’t want to do this step, just move on to the next, as it is not binding and we just need the data on the beginning week of each month of 2017.
Text design calendar grid
Then in a text editor note the critical months following (very simply and clearly): month and day of the week with which he starts – the number of days in it (for example, for January it will be “of vs – 31”, which means Sunday is the beginning of the month and 31 days in this month).
So, for 2017, the data will appear in the list:
vs-31 (January)
SR-28 (February)
SR-31 (March)
SB-30 (April)
mon-31 (may)
Thu-30 (Jun)
SB-31 (July)
W-31 (Aug)
PT-30 (September)
vs-31 (October)
SR-30 (November)
PT-31 (December)
PS Especially for lazy Photoshop masters – you can start to create a calendar for 2017 with the following paragraph…
Create a calendar grid using the script
We have data about how many days in each month in 2017, as well as what day of the week each month begins – it’s enough to build a calendar grid using a Photoshop action.
Run the effect as shown in the lower figure. First we need to create a master file with a Monday in the beginning of the month, it will be formed the rest of the files, such as 1st day of week – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, etc. All of these documents in the format .PSD will be stored on disk by default.
To create a file and a calendar grid of the month starting from Tuesday, click action “01_tuesday”. All subsequent steps are performed similarly for the other days of the week (select the operation with the name of the day and look inside the disc With the resulting file with a weekday name in English).
After the rendering of the individual files, you can begin to create a shared calendar. We will use the previous data – taking the January calendar grid, which starts on Sunday (the file with the name “sunday.psd”), transfer it to a new document (the size depends on your needs, you can try the A4).
If necessary, reduce the grid scale to fit 12 pieces – each month has its own.
Further, similarly I drag the mesh to the rest of the months are February, March, April, etc.
If you want to remove the extra days, for example, in February, they will be 28, just go to the document layer “month” and uncheck the visibility of layers 31, 30 and 29. Then close the layer “month” with saving.
Add text layers with the names of the months, the calendar turned out really good. Also don’t forget about the guides – they will help to Orient and align the grid in the document. Hotkeys – CTRL + H – show grid CTRL + R – yourself guides.
Grouped months between them, remove the background and expose the image as a background for calendar – you’re done!
Work action to create a calendar grid