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New year calendar for Photoshop for 2016

In this lesson we will describe in detail how to create a beautiful new year’s calendar for 2016 with a special action for Adobe Photoshop that will very quickly help to make the actual calendar grid. This lesson was divided into several parts specifically to users of the site, it was easy to read the following items:


Create a calendar grid and produce a separate file for it
Edit the text for the calendar grid and the preparation of the background
The final improvement of all elements of the calendar for 2016
To start collect individual files with the months of 2016. It is enough (if there are no specialized programs) to get the data from the system time of the computer she is usually in the lower right corner. When you hover over the month you want, press Print Screen, create a new file in Photoshop and paste from clipboard a picture, save it under the name of the month.
For further work and clarity of subsequent actions in Photoshop will need to create screenshots of all months separately, as shown in the drawings. All images are stored in a separate folder (then you’ll understand why).
Thus, we get a separate list of months of 2016.
Now is the time to combine all the screenshots into a single file, to customize the days of week in month and months. To do this, go to menu File-Automate-Contact sheet 2. Next, select the folder where the photos and click OK. By this action, we save all the documents in the format .jpg in 1 file.
Got a list of images that need some change – remove unnecessary pictures that could get along with everyone.
This is done very easily – select the selection tool Rectangular Marquee Tool, is the allocation of the site that you want to delete, and removed the required area of your picture using the fill color or click the Delete button.
Now we have a vivid example of months of 2016 looking at which is not difficult to quickly create a calendar grid in Photoshop.
Список файлов

In the next lesson we will see how to implement it in practice.