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New year calendar for Photoshop. Part 3 – final processing of the calendar

It’s time to finish the calendar for 2016. Now we need to complete the previous steps and give the calendar grid more attractive style.
Новогодний календарь в Фотошоп

So, open received files before (see previous lesson) in Photoshop. Note: it is recommended to name the document so that it is clear why they are created.
For starters, you can create effects for text calendar grid that you can configure via the menu item Blending Options.
Next, copy the created change through the right mouse button and select Copy Layer Style.
Change the size and style of the font, additional fonts can be downloaded here.
All manipulations in Adobe Photoshop spend inside a Smart Object, so all changes related to the calendar grid and not something else.

The result is a beautiful and spectacular calendar grid.
Now you have to save the style we just applied.

Be careful when you edit and save a material in order not to lose anything.
Further all is simple – keep the data, copy the months in a separate document, which is supposed to be the ultimate calendar. Copy each month in a separate layer and name it accordingly to avoid confusion which one you want to change.
Click on the button connection layers, first selecting them together when pressing SHIFT.
You can create a new layer that will be used as the background for the calendar grid and fill it with the color you need.
Also, if you are not satisfied with the size of the overall picture, or just need to expand it to put the picture and the grid, then click on increase the size of the canvas – Image-Canvas Size.
Set proportions depending on the end result. In my case, I increased the width of the photo as a percentage.
Added year, just to be clear on what company made the calendar.
There are very few – arrange the months in the correct order, quickly increase the document (if this has not been done yet), save in the format .PSD or any other (what you like).
In this video you can see the basic final stages of creating a calendar for 2016.