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New year calendar for Photoshop. Part 2 – calendar grid

In the last lesson we reviewed the situation with the creation of screenshots for clarity, a calendar grid, which will create in Adobe Photoshop. Now you need to create it using Photoshop action that helps you quickly and easily configure the grid as well as styles and fonts.
Календарная сетка

To get started, we need action for Photoshop – calendar grid. This operation speeds up the process of editing and creating text in the desired format. How to use action can be found by clicking on the mentioned just above the link, we will discuss briefly its basic functions.
After clicking on the button operations – the paragraph under the title “MAIN ACTION_(01_monday)”, we get the following file by specifying days of the week.
Now go to previous saved document, where we have created a list of screenshots from months of 2016 (see previous lesson). Analyze it and write it down on paper (or text editor) months, which starts Monday. In the case for 2016, including steel months of February and August. stored respectively 2 file under the names “Февраль_2016” and “Август_2016” format .PSD.
Note: try to separate the data files from the General list for easy future work.
Return using the history panel to its previous state of the source file beginning with the 1st day of the week – Monday. This is done in order to apply it to other paragraphs of this operation.
Find next months that begin with Sunday, and doing all the same as before. Now you need only click on the “01_tuesday”.
If you did everything correctly, you should get a list of the files in the format .PSD about the plan:
To correct months with less than 31 days, you need to do the following:
Go to the layer “month”
To change the month name and the number of days in it
Close the layer with preservation

In the following concluding lesson we will create a finished version of calendar for 2016 and see how to change the text style and font for the names of the months.