Doing shopping on the Internet that’s right – online shopping!

Today we will discuss with you how to make purchases in online stores of household appliances, as well as how not to get caught on the hook crooks and thieves, incompetent and just walk away from poor service. How to choose the right online store will be discussed in this material, which is designed to help many people and decide on a vast selection of online hypermarkets.
In one of the previous posts I already wrote about the anti-online stores. Today I will write about good stores, those of them who have not yet managed to “get dirty”, or doing the right movement to increase your rankings and maintain a good name.
Just make a small digression, in which I want to specify only the basic parameters for the selection of participants: this is an affiliate program, so information about the quality of services and products depends on the specific city, the timing of delivery, quality products, etc.
To begin, consider online shopping home appliances:
In this online store, I bought products a couple of times, but was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the price of many goods is not so overpriced than, say, the same. As for the discounts, then of Affairs is very good!

But, be careful! Feedback is everything, so please read them and draw your own conclusions. However, buying anything online, you need first of all to trust not only reviews, but also the characteristics of the store. For me, as a SEO specialist, it Alexa rank, domain age and other factors.
Also pay attention to the solution of current problems, because they can not do without is the services sector, and the people here are generally unfriendly and mean. 🙂

To buy in Technosila you can, but keep in mind a few points: choosing a discount, check on what she acts, and ask for the availability of goods in warehouses, shipping deadlines and return of merchandise.

M. Video
This online shop has long established itself as the best, and for some with the worst hand. We’ll be doing directly an objective analysis.
First, I would like to mention the professionalism of the online version of the store – all is conveniently made, and described in detail is in its place, in General usability in action.
Second, the offline version of the store is far from ideal, and this raises the question of professionalism of the staff, time, and delivery time and many other factors when buying online.
As a consumer I can say that buying from them a few times to the range technique, never did return on the quality of the product speaks for itself. Plus, absolutely any online shop, you may encounter poor service, incompetent employees, etc.
As for the reviews for this store, the number of negative ones exceed 7% (with 1 point) + 3% (with 2 points)! It’s depressing, of course, but if you look at the bigger picture, most online merchants have such indicators.
The only thing I do not like about this store is the specific price for the goods (they are almost higher than in other online stores)! However, M. Video to buy goods, because they are good quality, and this is important!
The online store needs to be not only well made technically, but also competently to approach to registration of applications, deliver goods in time and much more. And discounts should not be included in the final cost of the products! Buy together with M. Video, but ask about nuances, such as timing of return, delivery times, etc.
So, we come to the most important – how to make an online purchase?

Step 1. Select several large online shops (see above) to search for goods.
Step 2. View reviews as neutral (3-4 points), and negative (positive read – time to spend).
Step 3. Specify the minimum and maximum value in THESE online shops (do not get fooled by stores like “his House” and others base the counter).
Step 4. After selection, put in your cart the desired products and never pay for goods by Bank transfer – otherwise you risk to remain without adequate service quality (tested many major online stores!).
Step 5. When you call the store Manager ask him questions about delivery times, payment options, etc. And, of course, DISCOUNTS!

I hope this post is become useful to grandparents who are still afraid to order online any services. But, keep in mind that scammers and swindlers enough even in major hypermarkets…