Ночной режим / Night mode

BuaXua Floating – is the organization using the module on your site is running Joomla full-floating side panels. This is not just a plugin, it allows you to set the project a number of useful extensions at once.
BuaXua Floating

You can put banners on the right and left, as well as any other data in the form of a module, HTML code, PHP, etc.
How to use this extension?
First, we must download and install in Joomla. Next put in position value is “debug” or “absolute” (depending on your template). Then set the desired settings in the module, such as speed of scrolling, the main content window width, CSS styles, width and height of the block, etc.
In addition, you need to publish the extension on all the pages where you intend the output of this module. Once you do, you may not see the component itself, unless put certain styles in the CSS (for example, the value of the border – “border”).
After all the manipulations, you just need to remember the name of the position of this module and fit it into those that need to put into it.
More detailed information is provided by video, which you can see at the end of this article.
The free version of this extension there is one significant limitation is the link to the manufacturer.
Scroll to any module in a given component.
The choice of module positions: top, bottom, sides.
Auto alignment, custom width, and height properties.
Support CSS styles.