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BTCspinner – spinner #1 – spin, get BTC!

BTCspinner - спиннер №1 - вращай, получай BTC!

BTCspinner is a great way to amuse yourself by spinning a spinner and getting a penny in digital currency. This site is not for serious earning, but more for entertainment, but with the right approach, you can increase the amount of money at once by several times! How exactly can you do this? Read the article next… Because you can earn free money for a beer…


There are several ways to earn BTC, or more precisely, “satosh” that you can spend on real things in online stores NOT IN RUSSIA!


The first way to get digital money is by spinning a virtual spinner, as a result of which you will be able to REALLY withdraw your satsoshi into your wallet once you accumulate a certain amount.


How does the spinner work?

You pull the edges of the device with your mouse, it starts spinning, the principle is: the faster you can spin the picture, the faster you get the long-awaited reward!


Option 2 is a sweepstakes


This one is simple and straightforward: you get 5 free tickets every n-hours + for spins and such. Then the system randomly draws 10 winners.

Referral System


About finding referrals: search in specialized forums, chat online, etc., you may find yourself compatriots who are ready to spin the “shuffle” for you!


In general, you can describe this resource as a positive one with a minimalistic but clear interface. The site has been around for quite a long time, so feel free to trust it and go get the satosh!

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