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BTC on Freebitcoin-get free every hour!


Earning BTC on Freebitcoin is a great additional way to generate income for schoolchildren, students and pensioners, because it is an almost completely automatic passive scheme for earning cryptocurrency by the so-called < strong>“BTC tap”. Having accumulated the minimum amount to withdraw money, you can exchange it in a specialized exchange and get a card of Sberbank or any other Bank, electronic currency.
01- FreeBitco in - Win free bitcoins every hour

Tap Freebitcoin

I do not really trust Russian sites, as well as all Russian service, because we have either set shit with discounts (increasing the original cost of products by the same amount), or sell refurbished products under the guise of new ones (for example, Eldorado, MVideo, etc.). But let’s go back to < strong>Freebitcoin< / strong> – this is a site, a crane that has existed for more than 5 years and, most importantly, a foreign one!!! that already inspires any confidence…
In addition, most of these services for earning crypts have long been closed, but our new ward is not only developing by adding new options and features, but also conducts expensive contests, lotteries with large winnings, which already speaks volumes. In this article, we will only start from afar to consider a useful site for fans of freebies and free satoshes.

The principle of operation of the BTC crane is very simple – you can visit the site every hour and click on the button to get money for free. It is not necessary to invest your savings, but to get a good jackpot, of course, you need to try to attract referrals, as well as play the game of increasing earnings. However, you can only fully rely on yourself, so it is recommended to start from scratch!

Registration at Freebitcoin

Immediately warn that re-registration on the resource may end in tears, so try to make sure that the verification process by email. the conversation took place as quickly as possible. For the rest , this is a standard scheme that involves you and the service: when you specify your email and password, you receive an email with a confirmation link.

BTC free

You can get Satoshi or BTC for free every hour, without investing a ruble! All you need to do is go to the site and click the “ROLL” button, solving the captcha before the action. Especially for subscribers of our channel and necessarily referrals of this service, we offer a unique opportunity to solve captcha on the machine (although you will need to purchase additional software < strong>ZennoPoster, or download a demo version of this product).

Lucky numbers

In a special table on the project, the lucky numbers are displayed, when you drop them out, you will receive an additional sum of satosh. Of course, in 99% you get the minimum size, so it’s best not to delude yourself in advance. In addition to the money itself, we are also offered a reward-bonuses in the form of points, which can then be exchanged for various “buns”when accumulating a certain amount.

Ways to earn BTC

Do not think that the authors of the idea of the site were limited only to some bonuses and hourly issuance of the minimum amount of bitcoins. In addition to the above options you get:

  • lotteries that can either be bought or earned automatically;
  • MultiplyBTC – special solution randomly indicating the issue number, which can either win extra money or lose it (very similar to roulette);
  • investment in the project, which give earnings on the machine by distributing interest;
  • an affiliate program that allows you to accumulate as much as you can imagine!


The exchange of Bitcoins with Freebitcoin

The withdrawal of earned funds is carried out using special exchanges (if you live in Russia or former Soviet countries), and you can also spend money directly by buying goods on the Internet.