Ночной режим / Night mode

BT Portfolio is the perfect solution for implementing a portfolio on your website. Using this component you can set several different themes to display your content. It can become your projects: websites, documents, etc.
BT Portfolio

First you need to decide on a theme for your portfolio. The component provides 2 themes, you can also define how to display materials – list or in the form of pictures.
Each image will be provided a link to the preview, so you can enlarge photos.
The most preferred type of display – list, as it offers a better description of the product.
When you click on the “Details” button will take you to detailed information about the material. Here available you have previously installed items, such as parameters, properties, cost, etc.
Together with the component are specific additional modules and plugins. For example, if the free module BT Content Slider, you will be able to organize the output of materials in the form of a slider. It looks quite impressive.
The only downside of this extension is the lack of Russian language, so to translate you will have either to resort to third party services.
Installing different themes for your portfolio.
Additional modules and plug-ins that extend the system.
Simple integration into the available settings and parameters.