Ночной режим / Night mode

Congratulations with the Day of Knowledge, as well as offer you a Photoshop lesson that will help to connect the brush and text, and create beautiful postcard by September 1. To prepare such a card, you’ll need to perform several steps, memorize them.
Кисть и текст в Фотошоп

First open the required image (in this case chosen was the clock and the globe). We need to write on the chalk Board the words “With the Day of Knowledge!” – this will be your final photo.
After we started working with layers in Photoshop, be sure to duplicate the original layer so as not to damage it. This is done very simply press CTRL + J.
Next, type our text: “With the Knowledge Day!” and see the result (take the tool Horizontal Type Tool). Now begins the most important – the interaction of the text with the brush.
Turn for better clarity, a bit of text to the left with together pressed CTRL + T and mouse movements. In addition, when the selected layer with the text, click the right mouse button to select text.
Go to the layers panel to the tab with the path (paths) and push the bottom button, which is indicated on the screenshot. Thus, we will create a path from text selection.
It looks something like this.
It seems that nothing has changed, but now we will be able to use any kind of brush to the path or selection.
Select the brush experimentally. I would recommend taking one of the standard set of Photoshop. As for the brush size, it depends on the quality and resolution of the original image.
Color chalk is usually white, so don’t experiment.
Again we find in the layers panel tab with paths (paths), but now when I selected the brush tool, click on another button from the bottom as shown in the image. By this action, we apply the brush to the text, and more specifically, to the selected path.
Too large text. But it can be a quick fix or undo previous action CTRL + SHIFT + Z and pick up a smaller brush, or draw with their own hands the inscription, using the same brush.
And, of course, don’t forget to remove the path.
To create lettering with brush over the existing, and also that it was just convenient to draw, reduce the opacity of the text layer to 50%. Then select the brush tool and creating a blank layer, begin to drive the mouse while pressing the right button.
Once finished with the inscription, don’t forget to remove the visibility of the text layer. Here, the end result of the postcard on the 1st of September.
Кисть и текст в Фотошоп