Photoshop lessons

How to remove bristles in Photoshop – step by step instructions

Наградить человека щетиной в Фотошоп легко, а вот как ее  убрать? В этом уроке мы поговорим об этом.

Убрать щетину

In order to remove stubble in Photoshop, we will need a bristly man.
Go into the program and immediately create a duplicate layer – Ctrl + J. Go to menu Filter-Blur-Surface blur and set the values: radius Radius of 30-40, the threshold is 60 to 80. All depends on the quality of your pictures and its resolution. Here, roughly, what should we get:

Set Opacity to 50-45%, create a mask on the layers panel, click the Add vector mask.
Now take the Brush Tool, selecting the black color and soft edges, and start to brush the eyes, mouth, ears…so delete is not sharp.

Already better, but beard left 🙂
Go ahead. Remove the check mark from the visibility of the top layer and select layer – background background.
Again, take a brush with opacity about 30-40% and 40-50% pressure. Press Alt to get the color of the skin, and are remaining a bristle brush. Do everything carefully, because you can undo actions will be impossible.
When processing is complete, turn on the top layer and see the result:

But we need to complete our lesson – add sharpening to the image, because we are a little overdone with the photo and blurred the photo. So, go to menu Filter-Sharpen-Smart Sharpen and set values that will allow your original file to become a masterpiece 🙂 my values were: Amount – 110%, Radius 1px.