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How to make a blurred background in the image

Today we will discuss one of the most popular questions beginner photographers how to make a blurred background in your photo. Using this technique can highlight the subject and add additional artistic effect and to focus attention on certain parts of the image.
Как сделать размытый фон на изображении

First let us define the terms “bokeh” – the definition of a blurred portion of the photo, which came to us from the Japanese language.
In order to make this effect, not necessarily to have the most expensive lens is important to use the correct shooting technique while getting a blurred image. Take a look at the rules you need to follow for this.
Shallow depth of field open aperture
Speaking in plain language, the depth of field of the picture depends on parameters such as, for example, aperture value. After using it, you can set the size of the light passing through the lens.
Aperture, which is used in modern cameras is a single number, called F. And the resulting image, but rather its vagueness, depends on the setting of the number – the smaller it is, the more revealed the hole in the diaphragm, and the F, the more the diaphragm is clamped.
Thus, we can conclude that the smaller the F value (more open aperture), the more you can blur the objects in front or back – it depends on the focus point.
If you look at the examples and summarize the above data, we can identify several key factors.
For a more precise and sharp detail in the picture will need a good lens and a great value F.
For a more blurred background, you need to set a small value for F.
To practice with the settings on the page Simulator SLR.
In this image you can clearly see the values and camera settings.
Focal length
If to speak a simple language, as far as the photo (or the background) is blurred – will also affect the focal length. It is a term that means the distance of your lens and its angle of view when the given parameters.
The same F-value and depth of field can change the length of your lens – the more we increase the object through the lens, the less depth of field in the photograph.
If You want to specifically blur the background, you can use longer lenses, as well as set the zoom lens at the maximum level.
In this picture you can determine the distance to the subject and to see the result.
The results – how to blur the background in pictures when shooting:
Open maximum aperture
To set the lens close to the object of photography and at the highest zoom level
As far as possible to remove the background from your subject
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