Ночной режим / Night mode

In one of his lessons we have talked about how to create with the camera a blurred background. Now it is the turn of Adobe Photoshop. Today we will learn how to blur the background on an image in Photoshop and set it to a picture in a separate object, but all in order…
Как сделать размытый фон в Фотошопе

First, take any picture for the background. In this case we used photos with surreal landscape.
Create a duplicate layer so you don’t accidentally ruin the original image and apply blur filter.
All filters are top of the program toolbar. Here You need to select Filter-Blur-Gaussian Blur to apply it and get the result of the blur.
To clarify – this type of filter is used in most cases as it is a universal tool, and the rest we will learn in other lessons to compare them. No matter what You choose filter blur – the main thing is to make the background look realistic. The radius can be set depending on the resolution of the photos.
Let’s add to the foreground person (the first thing I found on my computer – do not judge strictly).
To remove the white background from this image, use the tool Magic Wand Tool or to create a mask in Photoshop.
This is such a straightforward way, we were able to blur the background and put in the forefront.
If You think that the filter action is not enough, you can duplicate it using hot keys CTRL + F.
Now let’s try a little practice on other filters of blur, so take for example a different photo.
In the first case was used the filter Motion Blur and the second Field Blur.
Results: experiment with the filters of blur, and You will find something suitable.