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How to block pid..owls in WordPress by IP

Блокировка пид расов

Sometimes gays appear out of nowhere, but real gay people sit in the network constantly trying to get your data at any cost their own ass.
Today we will talk about how to protect your own ass (site) from the encroachments of pid..racial gay and doing it correctly.

To get started, we need :WordPress, the Redirection plugin and Wordfence. To understand the meaning of the acts of the plugins, they just need 1 time to install. Redirection – this plugin redirects (redirects) in WordPress, as well as a tool to track 404 errors. As for Wordfence extension, it is to remove unwanted steps with the popular CMS.

So, open the admin panel of WordPress 2 tabs:

1 tab

Firewall – here we will be able to configure blocking of unwanted addresses in the IP.


2 tab

Redirection – then we will take the ill-fated IP address, which can track 404 errors and requests to the site.

Tracking 404 errors

Look in the tab “404s” gross violations, and illogical requests to the website. Then copy the “bad” IP address.

Blocking by IP

In Wordfence, simply specify the previously copied IP address and write the reason you make this IP in black list (write “spam” in comments).