If you have ever been to Russia, you probably encountered not only the white birches in the village and the magnificent scenery of nature of the country, but also with the brutal Russian service, for example, from the group Leningrad in the form of a clip with drinking vodka by everyone who meets along the way (which is somewhat realistic to note, but not in St. Petersburg!, and say in a remote village). < /…

Once through freelancing exchange received another order for the translation of a large amount of data from the site – from English to Russian.

to quickly complete the task and meet the agreed deadlines, you need to process massive chunks of text and parse a lot of information. But this is not a problem because we have a software called ZennoPoster. With its help, we implement the process as efficiently and easily as possible, because it already has a special module that allows you to connect the API of the Yandex Translator service.


Sites with large amounts of data, they usually have a complex structure, protection against parsing and other features that complicate the process of collecting information. However, this type of project usually has one significant advantage over the rest of the standard sites – support inside the code of the JSON format, which allows for a few seconds to get huge lists by parsing. Of course, not all sites with JSON support have the source code open, sometimes you have to try hard to extract it from the document. Unlike regular HTML layout, the page provides access to the data array directly, bypassing the separate selection of style classes and elements in the document, so the lists can be obtained quickly and painlessly.
Сбор данных по спискам

I am engaged in data parsing for a long time, including on (popular freelancing exchange) from various sites-collecting the necessary elements from the pages of the project specified by the client and saving them to a table or MySQL database. For example, the standard task for me is to collect data such as title, product or page description, keywords, tags, etc.
I can say with confidence that the more popular the site becomes, the more difficult it is to take the necessary data from this project, because people understand that information is money, and they are not ready to share it for free! Just, and this applies to the following website – agroserver.
Парсинг сложного сайта - заказ с биржи фриланса

In Russia, it is all a wind up..VAT even at $ 10, especially if you work in jeddore. Why? Look for the answer in this article.
It all started as usual trivial with the delivery of goods from one region to St. Petersburg. Immediately it should be noted that in comparison with the Russian post deliver zheldor fragile cargo is much better, but the advantages of the company almost end. Begin cons and very huge…

I’ll start with the fact that cons in the field of freelancing in Russia much more than the pros, no matter what you do not say at any seminars, webinars, blogs and the like. Let’s understand why this is happening and find the reasons for the dissatisfaction of many executors of orders that have to hand over the finished work to the client in a short time.

Плюсы и минусы бирж фриланса в России

Today you can find a lot of information about how beautiful the streets and wonderful old buildings from famous architects of his time in St. Petersburg, how great here to meet their guests and a lot of other things that is considered to be a cultural city or the benefits of being in the second capital. But the reality is very different, or almost different. This will be discussed in this article: how often mistaken ordinary provincial people who come to the hyped metropolis, trying to cling to the last chance and improve their material well-being.


Scandinavia, the center of fluorography, the center of fluorography – Yes, that’s how they position themselves with repetitions on the Internet, inside 2GIS software! Complete idiots who can not NOTHING to do it right… But everything in order, because the sad shit name “Center of fluorography”.


Website “Scandinavia”, centre of chest x-ray

Let’s go to the beginning of the roller on the dolb..BAM, who start a website on the domain of the 3rd level and the name of which will remember only themselves (see screenshots). This is followed by information in the form of meta tags that are filled with complete suckers who do not know in the creation of sites absolutely NOTHING!

If you look at this single page, then you will have no doubt that the information is located on the page randomly and randomly, and the fonts are selected in ANY way (they are not selected, Yes, that’s right…).

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