Zheldorekspeditsiya – SERVICE like shit!

In Russia, it is all a wind up..VAT even at $ 10, especially if you work in jeddore. Why? Look for the answer in this article. It all started as usual trivial with the delivery of goods from one region to St. Petersburg. Immediately it should be noted that in comparison with the Russian post […]

Восстания 1

Center Fluoroscopy “Vosstaniya 1” – shit company №1 in St. Petersburg!

Scandinavia, the center of fluorography, the center of fluorography – Yes, that’s how they position themselves with repetitions on the Internet, inside 2GIS software! Complete idiots who can not NOTHING to do it right… But everything in order, because the sad shit name “Center of fluorography”. Website “Scandinavia”, centre of chest x-ray Let’s go to […]

экспресс сервис

RUS – freetime.ru I nanevskom.ru, analysis of poor sites

It’s time to talk about two sad shit-sites that are in St. Petersburg, “cultural people”. We are talking about sites freetime.ru and nanevskom.ru who for nearly 20 years!!! can’t find a good by writing articles (about the reasons of such approach will be discussed later).

ОТП банк

Opinion about OTP Bank, of course, negative!

As you know, in our country, the asterisks in the contract – is another Scam, and what is the essence of “fraud” OTP Bank will be discussed in today’s opinion, of course, negative and absolutely true. Обычный банк и судя по статистике банки.ру находится в высшей лиге, хотя лига чемпионов явно прошла мимо. Если сузить […]

TeaserNet - система тизерной рекламы с 2008 года

The truth about the head of IT Department of LLC “Multidom trading”

Decided to write a post about the stupid (not stupid, but stupid) head of IT Department of LLC “Multidom trading”, the name of this creature Illuminated Daniel. His command is a son of a..OK, who’s licking his balls (which he admitted) by the name of Gevorg Arevshatyan. What these people have in common – read […]


RUS – novosibdx.info the analysis of poor sites

“Excellent sites” for review has not ended, network the pond, with the pond teeming with shit-projects, which are not at all sorry to destroy in my blog. Now it is time to hammer a nail into another poor website which needs not only Seo-promotion, but in principle the improvement of all ranking factors. So, shit-site […]


Analysis poor sites – No. 1 website ukgkk.ru

We begin the analysis of poor sites. The first test will be the management company with the name “ukgkk.ru” or the limited liability company “Housing-the municipal company” (LLC “Zhytomyr cardboard factory”), which was founded in (although who cares?). LLC “ZHYTOMYR CARDBOARD FACTORY “LIGHT HOUSE” As you can see from the screenshot, the management company is […]


Scheiße or services in Russia in Saint-Petersburg

Moving to the cultural capital of Russia (Saint-Petersburg), I thought naively, that the way it is: that culture rushing from all the cracks in this town, but something (accent on the 2nd vowel) apparently wrong… Today I want to talk once again about how faced with terrible service and lack of logic as such, that […]

Setl City

Сетл Сити (Setl City) wanted to spit!

Setl city wanted to spit on owners of homes sold! It’s simple: after receiving the money, she doesn’t care what will happen to those who need support. We are talking about incapacitated persons who receive a salary is unknown for some neopredelennoi work. Then read in more detail… on warranty Department, located at: D. Kudrovo, […]