Bitcoin price is growing every day all of the above!

Курс Биткоина

Quotes cryptocurrency continually increase

The demand for bitcoin – electronic currency – is rampant. Why he came to the liking of many users? Because this kind of virtual money is absolutely independent, because he exists solely in the global network. Over bitcoin there is no supervision by the banking or Supervisory authority. So, to dictate the rules or laws no one has the right.


Where to start?

In order to join the circle of owners of virtual money, you need to create a special wallet. It can be used:

  • on the stationary computer;
  • on mobile equipment;
  • online;
  • with a hardware device.

Another classification of bitcoin wallets divides them into “hot” and “cold”. In the first case, the money online, to operate them around the clock. In the second case, a set of keys to access your finances saved on the hard disk or storage device.
After you create the wallet already can bitcoin buy. To borrow virtual money on the stock exchange electronic trading “cash”, interactive exchange offices. In some cases, sure the players are buying up Finance from friends, friends, etc.
Exchange organizations charge a considerable Commission. A specific difficulty has to verify the identity. Various transactions are possible only via Bank transfer.
Online exchangers operate using the most popular payment systems, or through Bank accounts.
In the case where bitcoins are purchased from third parties, it requires only mutual trust. But this concept is quite conditional.
To date, there are a few of the most popular exchange points (aggregators): Coinmonitor, BestChange.ru, localbitcoins.net etc. To execute the transactions you select the exchange direction and sum. Then the businessman puts money first, and the virtual exchange bitcoin freezes on the set of the seller. In a few minutes, the bitcoins are in the account of the website. For greater reliability they should be translated into your wallet. Since then, the money will be “in the pocket” of the beginner.


A few words about the course of electronic cash

Quotes bitcoin exceeds all reasonable views on the value of the currency. According to the latest information bitcoin price exceeds the $ 14,000. But talking about stability early enough. The increase and decrease rates impact:

  • impulsivity and reckless human nature, provoking incredible popularity of assets
  • the geopolitical situation in the world,
  • the impact of foreign politicians,
  • new technological solutions and even characteristic features of cryptocurrency: anonymity, security, lack of a clear understanding of what it is.

According to the international financial analysts, by the end of this year the exchange rate of bitcoin will exceed a mark in $ 20,000.