Bitcoin wallet – set the cryptocurrency on a PC

Биткоин кошелек

Virtual wallet – the guardian of digital information

The popularity of the cryptocurrency in some way can be compared to a financial revolution. If recently, just a few years ago, transactions in the exchange of money in various financial markets was so many people, with the advent of bitcoin, the situation has changed dramatically. Because in the process of purchase/sale involved not only experts and private citizens, and quite ordinary people, the average citizens of our planet.

To download the program and earning is not difficult

Familiarity with the bitcoin begins with the installation of the software. Why the need for a :bitcoin wallet: on your computer (tablet, smartphone, etc.)? Exactly for the same purposes for which we gain a normal wallet. Thus, the application is a technical implement a project entitled “exchange of money”.

E-wallets are classified according to location:

  • local, is used on a personal computer;
  • mobile, stored on smartphones, tablets, etc.;
  • online, protect private keys online on a specific server, meaning your data is still controlled by third parties;
  • hardware downloaded to removable electronic media.

Protection of virtual money

To install bitcoin, you need to download software under the kind of equipment which will have to work on a permanent basis. After this simple operation is imperative to think about securing the “wallet”. It also provides for several options:

  • cryptographic data encryption. Almost all the computer technology users are familiar with setting password on any service. This is the most simple and accessible to even inexperienced subscribers protection. For more clever encryption method there is a special program that creates a virtual encrypted disk;
  • create backups. It is extremely advisable to backup the entire wallet, not individual files;
  • storage wallets offline or the so-called “cold” storage. To steal anything in the disconnection state elementary impossible.


Features of use of electronic “wallets”

A reasonable approach is considered tactical handling of the money. This is to ensure that the principal amount was “frozen”. Any unpleasant situation with computer hardware or software will not lead to the loss of all the money, but only part of them.

Another acceptable and convenient option is the creation of two purses at the same time. One will be stored bitcoins, and the other will serve for everyday transactions.

Wallets contain private keys – the secret numeric codes. Codes necessary to identify the recipient and sender, as well as they protect the hacking software. To the keys themselves do not, they are generated by an application or online service. Setting the wallet on a computer (mobile device), it is important to understand that it acquires a “domicile”. Address presented to 34 alphanumeric characters. Remember it is difficult, almost impossible, but somewhere to record – very easy.

The choice of wallet – the process is purely individual. It all depends on the needs of the user. Most importantly, the work on it did not cause discomfort, but rather contributed to practical active work, :income: and stability.