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Buy bitcoin not a problem

The popularity of bitcoin is now so great that transactions with a decentralized digital currency not engaged except that lazy.

Биткойн в рубли

Features of virtual means of payment

The demand for e-money to explain simply. This type of Finance is not subject to control by any nedlastning public (or commercial) structures. The presence of any intermediaries charging commissions, eliminated completely.
All ongoing financial transactions are confirmed by digital signature that corresponds to the address of the sender. Thus the bitcoin address allows you to control the sending of cryptocurrencies with its own address.
Any transaction in a mandatory manner shall be entered in chronological order in a collective registry access is called Bitcoin or blockchain. This circumstance significantly affects the ability to confirm the accuracy of financial transactions by using the basic user’s device (or desktop computer).
The first step on the way to manipulation of cash flow is to create a bitcoin wallet. This operation is comparable to a e-Bank account in a credit institution. Via Google wallet user stores, retrieves, transmits a cryptocurrency.
Currently, there are two kinds of wallets:

  • software;
  • web “wallet”.

In the first case, a bitcoin wallet is installed on a personal computer or other mobile gadget. Only the personal involvement of the owner depends on the effective protection of savings and trouble-free functionality of the software.

Биткойн в рубли

In the second case, the electronic wallet resides on the host, i.e. the process involved external resources. So, before you place a “wallet” in the global network, the owner of the digital currency should think twice, what company regulating the space on the server, he can trust. In any case, to use a web wallet is much easier than software.
Often the owners of virtual money the question arises: how to change bitcoins into rubles without consequences? There are a lot of possibilities:

  • on bitcoin exchanges;
  • on the trading floors;
  • online auctions;
  • electronic exchange offices,
  • different holders of money.

In exchange take cash, Bank cards (debit and credit), Bank Finance, another cryptocurrency.
Users appreciate the option of exchange as the most popular, safe and simple way of handling money. The principle of operation of such items is similar to a real force in real life, i.e. they play on the difference in rates. Buy cheaper, sell more expensive. The difference is the income of such organizations. All the transactions are performed very fast (depending on Internet speed). A serious drawback of the exchange is considered to be highly overvalued bitcoin fees deductions, and the lack of oversight by regulatory agencies.
Bitcoin exchanges require you to register. Choosing a particular stock exchange, you need to pay attention to the selling rate, the system of depositing money and Commission.
Online auctions do not enjoy the Russians, especially popular. The most popular portal – eBay.
All other ways of movement of funds only require a confidence of at least one of the partners of the transaction.