Bitcoin faucets, free services of distribution of cryptocurrency!

Биткоин краны

To get btc without investments, you can use bitcoin latter. This way the most simple, and involves simple tasks.


Most of the relevant services offer:

  • games in particular roulette, after each round where you need to enter the CAPCHA;
  • view promotional videos;
  • the Commission clicks on the advertisement
  • installing applications on mobile devices, etc.

Why do people create such services

These sites are organized by people, usually with the purpose of cheating advertising, the increase in behavioral factors or to maintain antigeyt systems that allow bots to be identified as real people.
Such schemes exist for more than 10 years, but now that bitcoin gets spread, the owners of the respective service switched to this currency. People want to receive it that provides the “taps” popularity, and the owners of these sites easier to pay Satoshi than dollars.

How to start and how much you can earn

As this earnings on bitcoins, you first need to create a wallet. This can be done in online services or by installing a client application (e.g., Electrum).

The next step is finding the right site and register on it.

After account creation and authorization will be obtained access to the assignment list. The successful implementation of each of them will lead to automatic transfer of a certain number of Satoshi to the internal account.
Such services can be provided only in the form of sites that can be used via web browsers, but also mobile applications.
When you accumulate the required amount – usually 200-300 thousand Satoshi (but sometimes less), it is possible to order the output. These limitations arise from the fact that the system charges a fee, which is calculated on the basis of transaction size in bytes. Therefore, when transferring very small amounts of charge miners can be more than the amount of the enumerated means.
The amount of payment for one task depends on the service and the nature of the tasks. Solving a CAPTCHA which is offered after a game of roulette, the average is 25 Satoshi, and viewing video advertising – about 200.
On some services you need to expect from 1 to 125 minutes before you take a new job.

The list of popular services

The old “crane” which still works, is Adbtc. On it pay 10 Satoshi per view sites and the minimum withdrawal amount is just 0.00000800 btc. Job it can be taken every 2 hours.
Worldofbitco – this system provides for 50 Satoshi that you can pick up to 12 times per hour.
Crane Bitcoin app for Android through which you can earn on viewing advertising, application installation etc Service pay from 100 to 1000 Satoshi for completing simple tasks. To withdraw money, you need to save 0.000400000 btc, which can take from several days to a couple weeks.
Using bitcoin faucets, you will not earn much. But this is the easiest way to get btc without investments. At the same time he is more efficient than mining, even on a powerful card.

Бесплатные краны цифровой валюты (bch, xmr, doge, trx, xrp, ltc, btc)

КранВалютаВремя Счастливый номерСумма


BTC (подробнее)Каждые 60 минут 0 - 9885
9886 - 9985
9986 - 9993
9994 - 9997
9998 - 9999
0.00000022 BTC
0.00000205 BTC
0.00002047 BTC
0.00020468 BTC
0.00204676 BTC
0.02046756 BTC


BTC (подробнее)Каждые 60 минутLEVEL
0.00000015 BTC
0.00000020 BTC
0.00000050 BTC
0.00000150 BTC
0.00000500 BTC
0.00002000 BTC
0.00010000 BTC
0.00055000 BTC


BTC (подробнее)Каждые 30 минут0 - 50

Free Litecoin (Android)

LTCКаждые 10 минутМинимальная к выводу = 20 000 LTC Litoshi

Free Litecoin (PC)

LTCКаждые 60 минут 0 - 9885
9886 - 9985
9986 - 9993
9994 - 9997
9998 - 9999
Минимальная к выводу: 0.00200000
Комиссия: 0.00100000

Firefaucet (PC)

BTC + Ethereum+ LTC...Каждые 30 минутМинимальная к выводу: 0.00011000
Ссылки на бесплатные краны биткойн и других цифровых знаков (постоянно актуализируются и обновляются).