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No transaction in the blockchain, the bitcoin cannot be conducted without specifying a unique key, called a bitcoin address. It is necessary to specify the addressee is required to transfer a certain amount of money. These keys are assigned to each electronic wallet.
The first character of the address is the digit 1 or 3, the rest of Latin letters and numbers (from 27 to 34 characters). Characters that are never used: I, o, O. In fact, this set of letters is case-sensitive and numbers that identifies the owner of the purse, by which it is impossible to determine. In this way the anonymity of transactions. Often use the QR code as to remember long keys is very inconvenient.

Bitcoin адрес

Why you need a key

It is necessary for safe transfer of funds (both receiving and sending). Each user of the network the opportunity to create a huge number of keys. Usually when conducting a new transaction is automatically generated the new address.
When sending money to the recipient, you should not enter characters in the key manually, just copy it. The system considers all the features, including character case, so any error will result in the transfer of funds to another user.

How to get address

To obtain a bitcoin address, you must first register your wallet. Then there will be an automatic key generation. The basis for it is a sequence of characters (letters and numbers) that serve as a password are so-called private key. When hit last and copied all funds can be withdrawn, so outsiders should not know it. However, the public key of the access means user can not provide. Generating it uses a secure encryption function that implements complex algorithms.


How to find out your key

All necessary information is stored in the user profile. Its location depends on the type of the purse. There are two basic ways to determine your address:
Go to the wallet that displays balances and try to refill it. This will display the address and the item you want to copy it.
Go to options wallet and find the item “Address”. Create a new address some wallets are made automatically each time you attempt transfer.

Why is changing the public key

It has already been noted that in some cases, for each transaction, the wallet will automatically generate a new address. It is necessary to increase the level of security and anonymity. Can be used and the previous address, the recipient will in any case get intended means. The function of the address change, you can disable in the options of the purse.

The differences between a purse and address

The electronic wallet contains a number of hidden keys and the address represents a public key used to execute payments. The wallet stores all the keys that can be used to receive or send funds denominated in a virtual currency.
Usually the wallet is a simple text file, which is contained in permanent memory. There are various kinds of wallets which have various functions, for example the marking or encryption keys.
It is important to always correctly indicate the key is not to use manual input, because the transferred funds in the wrong direction are not refundable.