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лучший конструктор сайтов

Lovely design photo album offers you to edit images in Photoshop and load them into the prepared frame – simple and easy!

Site builder have a convenient functionality, with which to understand the process can even a beginner, with absolutely gratis.

The advantages of website builders

Site builders there are many advantages, the main ones are:

ease of use, as they can be used step by step to solve the problem;
the ease of change of design due to the separation of text and design parts;
ready-made layout templates;
easy to upload images;
huge selection of design templates;
easy to upload images;
this is a high level of reliability because the designer server is used to store the files.

The rating of the website Builder (TOP10)

We have analyzed the existing proposals and made a rating of designers that allow you to create the perfect project for everyone:
1) Wix a better, the benefits of which are as follows:

a wide range of templates and the ability to create your own;
great website editor;
a wide range of additional features, such as the creation of sites on flash and Drag & Drop function;
excellent indexing;
simple and intuitive interface, as well as technical support option;
the availability of a Premium account.

A small drawback-not too memorable page address.

Large selection of quality and variety of premium templates (more than 1 000);
It is possible to create a unique template yourself;
Fashionable and powerful website editor;
Together with HTML5 you can create websites in flash;
There is support for Drag & Drop functions;
Flexible and various functional settings;
Wix sites are well indexed by standard search engines;
Russified, nice, intuitive interface;
Create a mobile version of the site and a few pages for social. Facebook networks;
Wix responsive technical support;
In the “Jobs” you can find a job designer or programmer with experience;
Very favorable price/quality ratio when switching to a paid tariff.
Transfer the site to your own hosting provided the purchase of a Premium account.
Low cost premium account-compared to 1 Cup of tea/coffee (more than 100 rubles per month).
A gift to new users in the form of advertising in Yandex.Direct when buying a Premium account;


Poorly remembered the address of the page in the free version, which has the form Вашwixлогин.wix.com the name of the site;

2): A5: similar to the previous one, and is the embodiment of a great solution in terms of price quality in case you want to switch to paid content.
A small drawback – poorly remembered digital domain.

Very convenient editor for creating websites;
There is a possibility to create your own unique template;
150 MB. disk space, as well as an unlimited number of pages;
Together with HTML5-the ability to create flash sites;
Responsive and friendly support team;
Large selection of templates (about 300);
Simple interface + video lessons quality.
Good price/quality ratio when switching to a paid package.


Not a memorable domain of the third level of digital form 245666.mya5.ru the free version;
There is also an advertising designer in the upper right corner, copyrights in the free tariff.

3): uKit: with the cost of all the functionality of this designer, which is comparable to the cost of a simple shared hosting, and for a free 14-day period, everyone has the opportunity to fully explore the available functionality.
The main advantages of the designer are as follows:

wide available functionality with the most intuitive interface;
wide opportunities for SEO;
access to statistics and Analytics.

The small disadvantages include a number of functional defects.

Great functionality;
Really intuitive user interface;
It is possible to create a powerful eye-catching websites without any technical knowledge;
There are ample opportunities for SEO – website promotion;
Instant access to detailed statistics and metrics of the created site.


Small defects for some of the functionality and user interface.

4): Nethouse: allows you to create websites for small businesses.
The main advantages are as follows:

the ability to bind the site in your own domain;
user-friendly interface with lots of beautiful templates;
you can implement a system of receiving electronic payments, as well as integrate with social networks;
access to unlimited disk space;
advertising campaigns in Google AdWords as a gift;
SEO-page setup.

Small flaws – the lack of a forum and the inability to insert HTML code and banners.

Fully prepared website within a minute, which can be linked directly to the domain;
Unlimited disk space;
There’s constant hype;
There is free access to the main features of the portal;
Quite user-friendly interface and very beautiful templates;
There is a possibility of receiving different electronic payments;
There is also full integration with social networks;
Bonus to new users in the form of payment for advertising campaigns in Google AdWords;
There is a possibility of SEO-page settings.
100 p. and more on account for the sample of paid services.
Good technical support.


It is not possible to insert HTML code and different banners with scripts;
There is no separate forum.

5) Umi, with which you can create a website in just 5-10 minutes. On a paid basis, you can transfer hosting.
Among the main advantages are:

wide functionality and a lot of additional features;
SEO-optimized pages;
REST protocols with access to XML data representation;
the ability to integrate with social networks;
a lot of tools to create an online store.

The disadvantages include a limited disk space of 100 MB, as well as a high purchase price.

Powerful functionality and features;
There are detailed settings SEO on-page optimization;
XML format for displaying any system data;
REST protocols to access XML data representation;
There is integration with social. networks, connection of comments;
Methods for online stores (synchronization of catalog and orders from 1 S, creation of categories and characteristics of the goods, etc.));
Drag&Drop function support;


100 MB of total disk space at the free rate.
Very high rates of redemption “box”.

6) Jimdo is perfect for beginners, and among its advantages can be noted:

wide range of templates and simple interface;
fine tuning of parameters;
SEO-page setup;
you have the ability to create your own template.

Among the disadvantages are a number of limitations in working with graphic elements and integrating your own templates.

Huge selection of ready-made premium templates;
Clear user interface;
Fine – grained and detailed settings of the created site;
Ability to SEO-page settings;
No Intrusive and constant advertising;
It is possible to download your template.


The complexity of integrating the template with your;
Additional limitations when working with graphical elements of your project.
The binding of certain blocks to a set of coordinates (in standard templates).

7) website Builders: Redham:. Free usage period is 30 days, with an initial rate equal to 2000 roubles, and the tariff premium is 5000 rubles.
The main advantages of the designer are:

ease of use, broad functionality;
availability of professional support.

The disadvantages include the need to pay, so that the designer is not completely free.

A set of rich features to create a full site;
Friendly technical support.


The above improvements and benefits are free only the first month, then you will still have to pay.

8) SetUp. Among the advantages of this design, it is necessary to allocate:

simple and intuitive interface.;
5000 variants of design;
free domain in the zone .ru;
promotion on low-frequency requests;
quality technical support.

The disadvantage is the inability to transfer to another hosting, as well as the unavailability of a free domain and limited disk space.

The beautiful patterns in a large volume;
The optimal parameters for :: SEO promotion;
Full integration with SeoPult;
Good technical support.


The site will be completely tied to the Setup platform without any possibility of transfer to another hosting / server (in the free version);
Free domain is very difficult to get – you need to fill in as many as 20 pages, after which he will stand in line for moderation with the possibility of rejection of the application;
Very little disk space in the free version (100 MB.);
There is no possibility to prohibit indexing external links by search engines (in the free version).

9): uCoz: is one of the very first, and offers its users:

a wide variety of templates and custom modules;
ever-increasing disk space;
excellent search indexing;
the presence of RSS import and export;
competent technical support.

The disadvantages include the presence of a huge advertising banner, as well as the inability to host third-party scripts.

Templates and customizable modules in large numbers (polls, galleries, forum, etc.));
Plenty of settings and additional features;
Growing space with the development of your project (at no extra cost);
Is well indexed by various search engines;
There is access to the partially PHP;
There is the possibility of RSS import and export;
There is access to technical support.


Advertising banner of huge size in the upper right corner, and not always decent content, which covers almost a quarter of the screen;
There is no possibility to transfer the site to another hosting;
You can not put on hosting third-party scripts, and only you can use only regular;
Periodically, the administration of “banit” sites without any possibility of recovery, and this decision is not subject to appeal;
The designer will be quite difficult for beginners in site building;
Quite monotonous and similar patterns.

10) Fo.ru is the perfect solution for a small website and blog.