This extension is intended for the beautiful design of modules using banners, text, etc. will Consider it in detail… That contains this module? After downloading the extension in Joomla you have a new module. Go to the module Manager. Tab Style provides a variety of settings, such as: theme, colors, banner width, indentation left and right, the icon display, text, font, font size, etc. All settings at any time to modify, view its source the result in the browser. In the following the settings tab you can specify margins and edges of the banner. Also use the options of the rounded corners in the tab  Rounded Corners, background module Background, border Border and the shadow in  Shadow. Functionality: Able to load any of the modules on your website Styles CSS: gradient, padding, borders, drop shadows, Custom text (color, size) with more than 400 fonts from Google there is No need to know CSS All elements can be positioned directly from the admin panel, Multiple preset styles   Use with any Joomla template the Ability to create own style Collection with 12 icons HwReQur-Cug module