Ночной режим / Night mode

To attract users from other resources we need to create a custom banner in Photoshop. We will talk about it in today’s lesson.
Создание анимированного баннера в Фотошоп

Proceed to the first part of the banner is its visual design.
Create a document with dimensions of 728×90 pixels, or any other standard size.
Take the tool Horizontal Type Tool and write the name of your website or advertising slogan.
Now set the text style and the frame around the banner.
Then add the page background and the individual elements: buttons, labels, etc.
After you have finished with the preparation of the layers, proceed directly to the part of the animation.

The startup panel by clicking on control panel to Window-Animation.
You should see the window that is shown in the figure below.

Panel can stretch up or collapse it by clicking 2 times with the mouse on the strip with its name.
Next, we analyse how it works.
In the left panel you see the layers you just created and on the right timeline with the time.
In order to create animation, we need to first make all the layers invisible in first frame.
Select the layer and put a checkmark in Opacity, next go to the layers panel and reduce the opacity to 0%. Repeat this step for all remaining layers except for those that should initially be visible, for example, the background.
Now select the layer you want to edit, and perform manipulations on it (change position, opacity, style). Pre-don’t forget to jump on the timeline to the desired location, so a key frame can be stamped automatically (assuming a previously created animation frame).

Therefore, you can modify any layer, except for the masks – they need to be converted to raster format before the change.
After performing the transformation on the layers, we need to save banner to GIF format.
Press Alt+Shift+Ctrl+S and select the width, height, number of colors and other parameters of the banner.
Click the OK button.
We have the following result:
Создание анимированного баннера в Фотошоп