Photoshop lessons

Create a sunset in Photoshop. Part 2 – operations with balcony

Step 15.

Take most with a balcony and part with original photographs, and place (balcony) in the left corner of our main image:
Step 16.
I used curves to darken the balcony:
On this layer mask use a soft black brush to reduce the dark side for the following parts:
Step 17.
I use another adjustment layer with curves to decorate the front of the balcony. Also brush over the layer:
Step 18.
I used Hue/Saturation – Hue/Saturation to reduce the saturation of the balcony:
On this layer mask I used soft black brush with opacity from 20% to 100% in order to restore a strong light in front of the balcony:
Step 19.
I used photo filter to add some purple tones on the balcony:
Step 20.
To Refine the light and shade on the balcony I used the Dodge and Burn Tool on a new layer:
Step 21.
Separate the model from background and place it on your balcony:
Add a mask on the layer with the model and use hard black brush to delete the bottom part of her dress and to make it look like she’s standing inside the balcony:
Step 22.
I used the tool for the model. On this layer mask, you can use a soft black brush to remove this effect:
Step 23.
I used color balance to add a bit of purple tones in the model. Also brush on the front of the head dress and hair model, please note on the lighting:
Step 24.
I used curves to brighten the model. Use a soft black brush to clear the glow behind and to the left, and make for a nice contrast on the pictures:
Step 25.
Select the model, her hair, face, dress and the shoulder. For these purposes, I used the Dodge tool darkening tool:
Step 26.
Open the photo of the trees (1st and 2nd images). Since they have a transparent background, just drag them into your document using the move tool. I put them on the two sides of the picture:
Step 27.
Apply the Gaussian blur 8 pixels in the images with the trees:
Step 28.
Select the tree and hit Cmd/Ctrl+G to make group for them. Change the mode of this group to normal with a value of 100%. Create an adjustment layer to change the saturation on the top of the layers within this group:
Step 29.